You’re here because you want to make some money, right? How about a MONEY TREE? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, money trees aren’t real, but I can tell you the next best thing.

How would you like to build an online business that when completed, will automatically deposit cold hard cash right into your bank account on a daily bases.


You want to make more money? Just plant another tree. It’s that simple.

Money trees have a strong trunk. A trunk that has multiple branches. Those branches bear fruit.

But the tree will only sprout fruit if it’s healthy and strong.

Failure to develop a strong trunk is the reason why most affiliate marketers fail.

I’ve kept a very low profile till now. I’ve never sought out fame. I’ve never even authored a trade article.I could have easily had “made a name for myself” years ago and today I’d be considered one of the top “Gurus” in affiliate marketing.

I held the old mantra: Never discuss money, and always let them wonder how you got yours.

My privacy and the privacy of my family is very important.

But first…

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Jason Stern.

I grew up very poor. So poor in fact that my bed was a foam mat on the floor of a laundry room. Our house was made with the scrap wood from a turn-of-the-century chicken coop that was torn down in the 1950’s.

I always had a passion for computers and technology. And when I got out of the Army, I immediate began an internship at a local computer store. That’s where I learned website design. Remember, back in those days, we hand coded HTML. Today it’s much easier with platforms like Wix or WordPress.


I started affiliate marketing in the early 2000’s. Right when the internet really started taking off.

Let me tell you, it was tough. The first ten years, I still worked a 9 to 5 job to pay the bills.

Why did it take me so long to start making enough money to quit my job? Because back then, there was nobody to help. Back then, nobody shared their secrets. What we learned was closely guarded and held tightly.

I spent nearly 10 years honing and developing my system before it made good money. When I say “good money” I’m talking over $10,000 a month.

Sometimes I think to myself and wonder how far along I’d be if I had started sooner, or had help getting a jump start.

But honestly none of that really matters. What mattered was I had a burning passion to succeed!

One thing that really helped me was what a successful friend of mine once told me.

He said “you only fail if you quit”. He had 6 or 7 businesses before he finally succeeded. Today, he owns one of the largest electronics companies in our home state.

His point was “Never Give Up!”, “Never Give In!”

I was determined not to “be nothing”. Coming up with such a meager upbringing, I had to succeed. I just had to…


So… Where am I at today?

I have over 80 websites… ALL making money…

I’m 44 and I work a couple of hours a day. I have a condo on Guam, a cabin in Colorado, and a farm in the Philippines. I take vacations every month or two, but honestly every day is like a vacation because I can do what I want, when I want.

Oh, BTW… Last year, I made $2.3 million.

Now, I didnt make all that money from affiliate marketing. I have brick and mortar busiensses as well. But the point is, I have those businesses because of affiliate marketing. I took my revenue from my ad networks and built retail stores and wholesale distribution companies. I also sell my own retail products online. I couldnt have done any of that without first generating some serious cash through affiliate marketing.

I drive a Mercedes and a Porsche. My wife has more gold jewelry than she can carry.

All of this materialism is inconsequential to the good that money can bring.

To effect change, you must have the resources to do so.

My wife and I fund an orphanage in the Philippines. We donate our time and money to environmental causes. We sit on the board of a Health Initiative in the South Pacific Islands.

Oh, and if you think I grew up poor, just let me tell you about my wife. She is from the Philippines. She grew up in a bamboo hut with a dirt floor. She didnt even have running water, and didnt own a pair of shoes till she was 16.

That’s why we set up her family businesses, and now all her family members have a good income!

Do you think we could do all that if I was still working a regular job fixing laptops and doing virus removals all day?


And we are very thankful for our success.



Now, let’s get back to the “fruit”…

What’s the difference between Affiliate Money Tree and other systems available online?

I give you all the secrets. All the tips & tricks. You get my entire template!

You follow my system, and you WILL make money.

This is the difference between my system and all the other myriad of affiliate marketing systems available online. I actually explain in great detail on how to build your online business from a business persons approach.

This is the fastest, most profitable way to get an online business up and running, and making a very good passive income, all on auto-pilot.




So… Are you ready to make effective change and start growing your money tree?

Plant the seed now, because the sooner you sow, the sooner you can reap the fruit of your labor.